Important dates to Note

A typical day in TFN

*Note: Based on the ride quality, terrain & weather; there might be changes to this schedule and it will be intimated the previous evening on the next days plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Road

1What kind of support do i get on road?
  • There will be 3-5 support stations on the day’s route.
  • A minimum of one support motorcycle will be patrolling between support stations. [Patrol timings will be provided during briefing]
  • A sweep truck/sag wagon will be trailing the last group of riders.
  • Ambulance, medical staff & physio experts will be available on support through each day of the tour.
2What is sweeping?
If a rider can’t complete the ride for any reason they will be taken in the sweep vehicle. We call this sweeping. The sweep truck will begin sweeping at sundown or at the discretion of the TfN organising team. Please note that this is for the safety of each rider on the tour and we request you to cooperate with the sweep truck in case you are asked to stop.
A sweep can occur at other times than only at sundown (varied reasons like fitness issues, on medical advice etc). Kindly cooperate.
3Can i ride after sun down?
No. In the evening after riding the whole day, you would be adamant to finish the race on your own terms but if the sweep truck reaches you before that; please cooperate with the sweep truck and allow them to get you onboard the truck. We hope that we never have to sweep anyone but safety comes first.
Please ensure a quick pick up in case it happens since, there would be riders in front also who might need assistance or need to be swept.
4What if rider lags back?
Each support station will have a cut off time (with enough of a time gap provided). If a rider can’t reach the station before cut off time, he will be swept & dropped off at the next station or where the sweep team deems fit (cut off time will be provided each day at the briefing)

Accommodation & Facilities

1Where will we be staying?
Comfortable accommodation on sharing basis will be provided through the duration of the tour. Please see the hotels section on our website for the places we will rest at ( accommodation).
Note: No accommodation will be provided in Bangalore.
An Partner offers would be update on the
2Can someone accompany me on the tour?
No, we do not encourage participants to bring any additional person on the tour.
3Does the tour charge include transport to Bangalore?
No, the tour expenses are from flag off onwards till the end point (Mysuru). Riders have to make their own arrangements to reach and leave Mysuru.
4Does the package include accommodation at Mysuru?
No it does not; riders have to make their own accommodation arrangements for staying in Mysuru before or after the tour.

Tour Inclusion

1What do I get in the tour?
  • An awesome riding experience!.
  • New friends along the way
  • And there are these things too.
  • Seven nights’ accommodation. [See accommodation details] including Pre Tour Briefing day night
  • Breakfast and Dinner on all 8 days
  • Meals during the ride along with refreshments and snacks.
  • Luggage service on all days. Just deposit them in the morning and you will find it in your
  • room at the end of the day’s ride (details will be provided at the pretour briefing).
  • Mobile medical assistance and qualified doctors! Access to physiotherapists.
  • Packing material to pack your bike safely.
  • Sag support (a.k.a Sweep Truck) and bike mechanics.
  • A Tour Jersey and other goodies.
  • Pre Tour Briefing Brunch for the riders.
2TfN 2019 ends at Mysore, How does a rider get back to Bangalore?
  • This year and onwards TFN Organizing Team wont be arranging Bus transport from Bangalore to Mysuru before tour and Mysuru to Bangalore after the tour. An Transport assistance will be given to all riders on what to do in case they are taking a Transport Back or forth
  • The plan for the Transport Assistance would be communicated closure to the event.
3How will I carry my bike from tour endpoint to Bangalore?
  • Bike transport needs to be managed by riders itself as we are ending the tour in Mysuru itself.
  • Packaging: You will be provided surplus bubble wrap to pack your bikes, The team will not be responsible for packaging or damages there after of the bikes.

On tour transportation Medical

1Is there a doctor accompanying us?
  • Yes there will be a on-road medical crew which includes:
  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Physiotherapist
  • 1 Nurse
  • 1 Ambulance
2Where can I find the ambulance?
The location of ambulance varies every day. It will be stationed closer to the most critical section of the route.
3What do I do in a medical emergency?
  • Immediately call the tour director or any volunteer (numbers will be provided at the pretour briefing)
  • Also note the Emergency Response Services Number in Karnataka and Tamilnadu – 108


1Is there a luggage limit?
There is a one bag per rider limit. Each rider is entitled to one piece of baggage (the max limit is 40 litres). Please adhere to the baggage limitations.
2Can I put my laptop, SLR camera or any fragile item in my baggage?
We advise you not to carry any fragile items or expensive gadgets/ equipment in your baggage. TfN does not provide any guarantee for the safety of any fragile/expensive items checked into the baggage. TfN will not be responsible for any loss/ theft or damages.

Flats & Spares

1What if I get a flat/mech problem?
  • It is expected that the biker knows basic repair fixing a flat tyre, chain slip, brake issues etc. They will need to fix their own flat tyre if it so happens. In case of any mechanical failure or for help, immediately call the volunteer incharge, help them to identify your location. A vehicle will be sent to pick you up.
  • Note:
  • There might be delays if there are multiple breakdowns/ mechanical failures at the same time.
  • The vehicle & support that arrives will sweep you. The mechanic/ volunteer onboard will not work on your bicycle & try to fix it in the middle of the ride.
2Are there spares available? Will they be free?
Yes we will have basic spares. You will be charged actuals on these spares. If you have special bike needs or spare parts, we advise you to carry them with you.
3Is Bike a part of the fee?
No, any type of human powered cycle is allowed on the tour and this needs to be brought by the rider it self. Organizer wont provide any bikes for riding.
4Is there a bike available as spare?
Yes,There are mostly MTBs available as spare for rider who has issues with their own bikes.